Food, Fibre and Land International Group
Canning Vale WA 6155 Australia
+61 428 926 383
Who we are

Paving the way in Australia for the growth of industrial hemp for healthy food, building materials and personal care.

Food, Fibre and Land International Group (FFLI) was developed by a group of people with a desire to change the way farming is being done in order to produce better-quality food and fibre grown through regenerative farming practices that are both profitable and environmentally sensitive.

FFLI’s mission is to produce high quality, nutrient-dense foods and fibre for the expanding food and fibre markets by combining bio-mineral fertilisers with microbial technologies in a specialised farming system.
We have concentrated on growing broadacre industrial hemp, pursuing the genetic development of hemp seed varietals for food, fibre and health and well-being products, as well as continued research and development in the farming system.

We are now the largest grower of industrial hemp in WA. Early investors have funded an intensive 3-year research and development (R&D) program. Trial crops of industrial hemp were grown in 2017 and 2018 and our first commercial crop was grown in 2019 to bulk up seed for further cultivation and to start to sell to the expanding Australian and overseas markets.
There is a growing demand for high-quality protein and omega-rich foods as well as an increasing opportunity for eco-efficient building materials.

FFLI has a dedicated team comprising the technical skills needed in corporate governance, business development, farming system management and hemp crop agronomy. The bio-mineral farming system we use has 20+years of independent and university research that demonstrates the economic benefit through nutrient and water use efficiency through the enhancement of soil carbon in the soil.

We have worked through the tough phases of concept, exploration and R&D in a new and evolving agricultural industry and are now ready to expand our operations to meet the growing demand for industrial hemp food and fibre products.

The future of the agricultural industry for the production of high-quality nutrient-dense animal and plant protein is an exciting one and we are positioned to take full advantage. We have local, national and international food companies wanting to purchase FFLI grown food and fibre.