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APH’s land clearing permit for industrial hemp

Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) has been granted its land clearing permit for 340 hectares of irrigated industrial hemp (and other crops) having met the Northern Territory Pastoral Land Board’s land clearing guidelines. Caason Group supports many horticultural technologies and it will tie in Kiko Technology‘s energised water and Trisap Group‘s diatomaceous earth fertiliser/conditioner, along with […]

APH secures industrial hemp research licence

Caason’s Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) has been granted a Class A research licence for the cultivation of low-THC hemp for scientific research under the Northern Territory Government’s Industrial Hemp Act 2019. This research, planned for early 2021, precedes our aim of broadacre cropping production from 2022. Importantly, APH now has necessary Government permits, including a […]

Tackling plastic pollution with cannabis and hemp

Every 60 seconds, over 700 tonnes of plastic is created. Meanwhile, enormous quantities of cannabis and hemp biomass end up going to waste. Truly Green Plastic™, an innovative Canadian start-up, solves one problem with the other, by using their internationally-claimed intellectual property to turn hemp or cannabis waste into fully-biodegradable plastic. The company has repeatedly […]

Industrial hemp management on APH by FFLI

Caason Group’s Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) steps closer to growing industrial hemp in the Northern Territory (NT) with specialist technical oversight and management provided by Food Fibre and Land International Group (FFLI). In an agreement signed today, FFLI is to become APH’s primary industrial hemp service provider to support their R&D trials. This allows APH […]