Food, Fibre and Land International Group
Canning Vale WA 6155 Australia
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Hemp Foods

FFLI offers customers a complete paddock to plate service, handling everything from seed selection, farming system development through to the processing of food products and bulk sales.

We contract farmers to grow our industrial hemp for us under strict guidelines that are easy to manage. We have a quality control system that allows us to verify we are getting the product outcomes we expect to see.

We support regional Western Australia through our ‘Industrial Hemp Hubs’ where we employ local people to grow and manage the seed and process into finished products such as hemp seed hearts, oil, protein and flour. All of our products are made from Western Australian grown hemp seed only.

Farming System

We have a contract agreement with the farmers and provide the technical advice needed to grow the hemp seed. The contracts clearly identify how we want the hemp crops to be managed including the type and amount of fertiliser to use, watering requirements and crop management. We have field technicians who work alongside the farmers to provide the technical support we need. FFLI will harvest the seed crop and remove all the stalk residue and manages the seed post-harvest.

Our Expertise

We are a registered AusIndustry Research and Development Company and have successfully secured R&D Tax Concessions and financing for the third year running. We have entry to the high-growth global hemp and protein markets. The start-up and risky 3-year R&D phase are now complete. We have established systems for land selection, cultivation, harvesting hemp and other crops and we are a proven grower of high-quality industrial hemp seed and fibre. We have our own Australian grown hemp seed – not imported seed. Scalable operations in WA with hubs in Manjimup and Harvey. We have developed multiple seed varietals in a genetics program to expand our cropping program including northern WA and the Northern Territory. We have a grower network across Australia and New Zealand and are positioned for reliable strategic supply into value-added industrial hemp product streams. We intend to consolidate our first-mover advantage to entrench FFLI as WA’s largest, privately owned, broadacre industrial hemp grower and processor.

We need Farmers

As we are increasing the scale of the markets that are purchasing FFLI grown industrial hemp seed we need to have more farmers working with us to grow our crops. As we expand in scale and market opportunities, we will need more crop varieties and there is therefore the opportunity for farmers to provide more food products to FFLI, using the FFLI Farming System, which provides further opportunities for farmers working with us.

Sales, and Offtake Agreements

We are well positioned to sell current seed inventory and secure bulk offtake agreements for the sale of future FFLI industrial hemp seed products including hemp seed hearts, hemp seed oil, protein and flour. We have ‘letters of intent’ from a number of companies that want to purchase our current and future processed seed for food and protein purposes for the Australian and overseas markets. Market opportunities we are in discussion with include the vegan and vegetarian markets in the USA, WA Hemp companies needing large volumes of WA grown and processed hemp seed, supply of hemp seed for the health and wellbeing industry, use of hemp seed as a food source for farmed fish and supply of hemp stalk to hemp fibre processing companies.