Food, Fibre and Land International Group
Canning Vale WA 6155 Australia
+61 428 926 383
FFLI Industrial Hemp Hub

We have developed a business model where all FFLI contracted industrial hemp seed is harvested and then cleaned at the local ‘FFLI Industrial Hemp Hub’. The seed is then stored at the local hub in preparation for processing.

The seed is transported to the FFLI Industrial Hemp Seed Processing Facility where it is stored and then graded and processed into either hemp seed hearts, oil and meal and flour.

The finished product is then stored in a secure, temperature-controlled facility to ensure quality control. Processing is conducted in batches based on purchase agreements to ensure quality control.

The FFLI Group has access to the following market opportunities.

Industrial Hemp as Food and Fibre
  • By 2020: Hemp food market = USD 4.6 Billion
  • Fibre markets = USD 500M
  • CBD market reaches = USD 20 Billion
  • Legal Cannabis market reaches = USD 66.3 Billion
Microbial Carbon Farming System
  • To fix the global problem of an unsustainable agricultural system = USD 300 Billion (Bloomberg report)
  • AU 200M pa In Australian markets alone (Independent Research)
  • Microbial Technologies
  • Global Economic Industry potential in 2017 = USD 17 Billion pa.