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Tackling plastic pollution with cannabis and hemp

Tackling plastic pollution with cannabis and hemp

Every 60 seconds, over 700 tonnes of plastic is created. Meanwhile, enormous quantities of cannabis and hemp biomass end up going to waste.

Truly Green Plastic™, an innovative Canadian start-up, solves one problem with the other, by using their internationally-claimed intellectual property to turn hemp or cannabis waste into fully-biodegradable plastic.

The company has repeatedly been recognized by its peers as one of (if not the most) exciting early-stage companies on the planet, and was recently invited to present at the American Chemical Society.

Caason Group and Truly Green Plastic™ have formed a partnership and will set sights on developing a mobile pilot plant by 2022 for the Australian market. Craig Astill, CEO and MD of Caason Group, has also joined the Advisory Board of Truly Green Plastic™ to aid their entry into the Australian market.

Craig Astill said: “Given my passion for sustainability and innovation and our strong links with the industrial hemp sector, though companies such as FFLI, this Truly Green Plastic™ partnership is an exciting development.”